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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Cosplay is a short term for "costume play". Wikipedia says, "The term cosplay is a portmanteau of the English words costume play. The term was coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi of the Japanese studio Studio Hard while attending the 1984 Los Angeles Science Fiction Worldcon.[3] He was impressed by the hall and the costumed fans and reported on both in Japanese science fiction magazines. The coinage reflects a common Japanese method of abbreviation in which the first two moras of a pair of words are used to form an independent compound. Costume becomes kosu (コス), and play becomes pure (プレ)". Cosplayers draw popular characters from famous and well-known fiction in Japan, American cartoons and Sci-Fi. They are usually taken from manga, anime, video games, and fantasy movies.

These photos above were taken at SM Megamall.One of the characters, holding a spade, is from Ragnarok Online, and the other is a character whom I forgot. My friends, MJ and EJ and I were heading to Toby's to check some badminton equipment when we came across these characters. Some shoppers asked them to take a picture and I decided too so we asked permission. Little did we know their names because they hurriedly moved after EJ took some shots from her digital camera.
Since we're inside at the mall, we don't usually talk for a long time to strangers.The main purpose is for my personal blog which I always try to add photos in every entry that I have.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

I really appreciate this one.Beautiful! I could not imagine how much time and effort this group had spent to practice this awesome rendition of our folk song. It reminds me how did our music teacher teach us during our 3rd grade in the elementary way back in 1989. We keep on singing and singing until we finally get the correct tune and tempo of it. The song has a great meaning to all the Filipinos. It tells how much we care and love our country, the Philippines. It tells how did our country gain independence and freedom from her colonizers. The Spaniards, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Dutch and the Americans.I love my dear Philippines. Keep shining!

The members of this chorale showed much effort and great interpretation about the song. The melody itself is still preserved.No more, no less! Awesome! The feelings and emotions through their expressions are vivid and clear as a trademark of our dear Filipinos! Kudos to you guys! Even if you don't really speak our language but that was a great indication that you can. Kamsahamnida!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

G.R.A.D.U.A.T.I.O.N. of G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S.

G.R.A.D.U.A.T.I.O.N. of G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S

Graduation day is the most awaited moment to pupils in the elementary and students in high school and college or the university who will receive their diplomas. This is the day where they would go up on stage and be conferred with an academic degree. This is the ceremony where they could realize that they had finished a certain course or program throughout the entire year. This is the moment wherein they could wear their academic gowns and graduation caps. How nice to see these graduates as they march together with their parents, teachers, school officials, guests and visitors!

Real happiness is felt during graduation. Immeasurable happiness to the graduates and of course to the parents. After a year of struggle, tedious hardwork,perseverance and camaraderie, they would reap the essence of this momentous day. You could see on their faces how happy are they! Each of them smiles to one another. A smile of gladness! A smile which means a simple congratulation. A smile that means a lot. Each of them shakes hands to one another. This signifies how grateful are they to be with their teachers and classmates throughout the year.

As their names are called to receive their diplomas on stage, everyone feels excited. They are happy to receive the proof of their labor and see their proud parents who smile at them, who are happy to see their children. One moment in time, the parents witness their children to get what they are about to reach. The goals.The sacrifices they had devoted and supported for their children. This is a vivid indication how they truly love them. The untiring support and unconditional love matter a lot to these graduates.

During their stay in school, it can't be denied that they have experienced the ups and downs of being students. There are times that they forget to do their assignment. There are moments of not doing their project. There are cases they did not finish their research and term papers. There are days that they are absent in school, if not, cut classes once or twice and more. There are times they are late and tardy in going to school, tardy of submitting projects and other requirements. But there are times that students feel more comfortable in school than at home. Despite of being the second parents, teachers had done appropriate comfort with them. Have you ever realized that some students prefer to stay in school than at home? Seldom the case maybe but it is really true!

Unconditional love and untiring support from their parents make the graduates survive through thick and thin against the hardships,obstacles and challenges they go through in school. For elementary pupils, who are guided and nurtured by their supportive and caring teachers will be noticed happy when they receive their diplomas. For six years of stay, they have been taught and given suffiecient knowledge to bring to the next ladder of education. Are they ready yet to face the new challenges they will encounter? The answer is yes or no. Yes, to those who are determined to finish the next journey. No, to those who think they can't make it because of this and because of that. There are many underlying reasons why they wouldn't take the courage to get into the next adventure. On the other hand, high school gradutes, who have been molded and led by their strict and lenient teachers, will be taking the next level of education. They courageously reached the finish line on their second adventure. It is a fact that students really enjoy their high school life. Perhaps we ask why?The laughter and tears they share during the year of struggle. They add the spice of secondary education.Consequently, the college and university graduates who have done their very best to qualify as candidates for graduation. At long last, they are able to get the tertiary level of this challenging journey.

Monday, March 28, 2011

One of my favorite songs way back in 2007. I really love this song ^_^

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Aside from volleyball,a team sport, there's another sport which I like the most. It's badminton.It's a racquet sport.I started to appreciate this sport when I was in second year high school. My P.E. teacher was able to persuade me how to love to play this kind of sport. Afraid to hit the shuttlecock [shuttle,bird] at first but I had learned how to manage and control smashing it. I didn't have a personal racquet so i used to borrow from my friend,who is our good neighbor. Smash here and there even without a particular badminton court. We drew lines to assume we wouldn't let the shuttle out. It was so funny. Until one day, our location has been granted for some sport equipment like basketball, volleyball, table tennis and badminton. The city mayor was so thoughtful of providing the youth for these leisure equipment.Of course, I always played the volleyball because I normally like a team sport. There were days that I tried to focus playing badminton. That was the best time because we had the proper court and equipment.As the days moved fast, I learned more about it when I was in the university. Our P.E. class had tackled about different sports and it's one of them. That time was great. I learned how to serve properly, how to vary styles and techniques and of course how to enjoy the game. Then one day, I was chosen to represent the Freshmen during our Intramurals and Foundation Days. The best part was getting the bronze medal. I defeated the sophomore but lost to the junior and senior representatives. Maybe I was just lucky that time. After I graduated from college, I seldom played this sport.Once, twice a month or sometimes never in a month.

I miss playing badminton. And I never thought of suggesting it to some friends who have interest about it last month. This year, I finally decided to buy my own racquet.I should one of my personal investment,something I haven't had before. As of this writing,I'm gladly saying I played with my friends this afternoon. We spent one and a half hours at Worldwide Corporate Center, a 15-minute travel from the house. It was fun indeed. I had sweat a lot, hahaha...the bad calories were discharged. We hope next time, we would increase in numbers. I'm so very thankful with my friends who joined the fun and fantastic experience.

See you next week ^_^

I've READ it...

As I arrived home this late afternoon after a wonderful and fun badminton session and a table discussion at McDonalds with a coke float and yummy French fries with some friends, I hurriedly open my computer and logged in to my blog webpage, and of course my Facebook account, and saw this very striking words from a blogger whom I don't even know. At first, I was hesitant to finish what he wrote but unknowingly I was able to and noticed the scroll bar has stopped going down. In short, I finished it. I don't have any single reason why did I read it. His words are quite unusual to me. I knew for sure that s/he's not an English speaker because of his/her grammar. It's the same with me that sometimes grammar matters. But no matter what,I loved what I've read from him/her. Maybe in a certain point,these words struck me sometime before but I really can't remember. To make it clearer, I copied the words that nailed my mind to ponder what s/he means to. This is it :

"The cause of our problems is our belief that there are problems. There are no problems, there are only actions that can or cannot be taken when we do not like things.
There is no problem in the world, everything is as it is.
Wherever we see a problem, it means that we are resisting to what is present. Yet what it is, by its nature, it is present. There is nothing you can do with this.
No one can think of to complain about the fact that green is green, yet we complain of what it is present.Complaining about something that it is, manifestly, it is like complaining that water is wet.
Complaining is a waste of time.

If there is a situation that we dont'like we can accept it, change it or abandon it. There is no "complaining."
Everything, of course, depends on our perception of the world. I assure you that we can spend a lifetime looking for satisfaction in things of the world, but if we do not act first on the lens through which we see the world then even the greatest fortune may seem a damn.

The words are trying to let me realize something but they remain unclear to me. Literally, I understood what s/he means but I know s/he has something deeper to reveal on. I couldn't fathom the critical thinking approach as what my college professor has taught us. Tell me I'm an idiot but I don't know if I need to disagree about it.I liked the message but should I really disagree? You can ask me why should I think about it. Simply because s/he has something to let us know. Something that we should think about which I don't know.